maandag 14 mei 2012

My very first wedding cake..



Het was mij gevraagd door het prachtige bruidspaar Vincent en Debbie De Vlugt om hun bruidstaat te maken. Ik vond het heel spannend maar Debbie had alle vertrouwen in mij. Ook hier wil ik jullie nogmaals bedanken voor jullie vertrouwen in mij. En bedankt voor de complimenten.Xxx


I was asked by the beautiful bride and groom Vincent and Debbie De Vlugt to make there wedding cake, i was very excited. Debbie had a lot of faith in me to do this for them. I want to thank you guys for your faith in me. And for all the compliments Xxx.


My first wedding cake

The lovely couple cutting the cake.

dinsdag 28 februari 2012

50th Anniversary cake

This cake was for a lovely couple who are married for 50 years. How amazing is that.

50th ANNIVERSARY CAKE 2012 007

And because they are still so much in love with eachother Red roses and 2 little hearts had to be on there.

50th ANNIVERSARY CAKE 2012 014

My first attempt in making a double barrel cake and a large rose, i had so much fun.

50th ANNIVERSARY CAKE 2012 008

Bottom tear chocolate butter cake filled with vanilla swiss merinque butter cream. On that tear a vanilla cake with chocolate SMBC and the top tear was another chocolate butter cake with vanilla SMBC.

Have a great day.

zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Ballerina for Roos..



A ballerina cake for a lovely 10 year old girl called Roos.


Here is the topper for the cake, now for the cake itself…



  Here she is the ballerina on her cake, i loved making this cake so girly.


Have a great day.